Farrokh Abazari Corresponding Author
- Bam Faculty of Nursing, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran
Mansour Arab
- Bam Faculty of Nursing, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran
Abbas Abbasszadeh
- Bam Faculty of Nursing, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran

Received: 1/1/2003 Accepted: 1/1/2003 - Publisher : Avicenna Research Institute

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Although planned pregnancy is a desirable event for any family, the unwanted pregnancies have undesired effects on mother, infant, and all family members. A method of qualitative assessment of family planning and reproductive health care is the survey of unwanted pregnancies. This study is an analytical descriptive study that was carried out to investigate unwanted pregnancies in year 2001 on 414 pregnant women who visited maternity wards of Kerman hospitals. Findings showed that mean age of women was 27.4±6.73 and of husbands 31.9±7.60. Mean existing children of women were 1.9±1.95. Women with high school diploma composed 35.7% and those with lower education 44.5% of total cases. A high percentage (72.2%) of women were housewives and 25.6% were employee. Most (65.1%) of cases had wanted and 34.9% had unwanted pregnancies. Of husbands, 67.2% also wanted this pregnancy and 32.8% disagreed. Forty two percent of women were pregnant while using contraception. The results showed that unwanted pregnancy was associated with mother and her husband’s education level, husband’s job, type of family planning methods, husband’s age, number of previous pregnancies. Due to high rate of unwanted pregnancies and the need for its prevention, it is suggested that family planning be presented with counseling to guarantee high quality and effective service.

Keywords: Unwanted pregnancy, Family planning, Fertility behaviors

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