Sedigheh Ayaty
- Department of Obs. & Gyn, Faculty of Medicine, Mashad University of Medical Sciences, Mashad, Iran
Fatemeh Vahidrodsari Corresponding Author
- Department of Obs. & Gyn, Faculty of Medicine, Mashad University of Medical Sciences, Mashad, Iran
Leila Pour Ali
- Department of Obs. & Gyn, Faculty of Medicine, Mashad University of Medical Sciences, Mashad, Iran

Received: 10/1/2007 Accepted: 10/1/2007 - Publisher : Avicenna Research Institute

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Introduction: Uterine cervical incompetence is one of the risk factors for preterm labor and it is characterized by painless cervical dilatation and prolapse of membranes into the vagina in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. The aim of this report is to discuss a term pregnancy following complete bed rest in cervical insufficiency. Case presentation: A 24-year old woman with a history of uterine cervical incompetence was admitted to hospital with cervical dilatation and effacement at the 24th week of gestation. She had a successful term pregnancy with bed rest and expectant management at the 39th week of gestation. Conclusion: Expectant management with bed rest in an appropriate position, along with anti-coagulant prophylaxis is an effective and safe method for the management of cervical incompe-tency in advanced stages of pregnancy.

Keywords: Uterine cervical incompetence, Cervix, Cerclage, Complete bed rest (CBR), Preterm labor, Term pregnancy, Dilatation, Effacement

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