Vol. 11, Issue 4, / December 2010
(Letter to Editor, pages 325-326)

Shapour Fereydouni Corresponding Author
- Department of Educational Psychology, College of Humanity, Islamic Azad University, Gachsaran, Iran

Received: 9/22/2010 Accepted: 11/28/2010 - Publisher : Avicenna Research Institute

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Dear Editor, With respect to the criticism made by one of the respected readers on our article titled “Attitude of Male and Female Subjects towards Oocyte Donation in Shiraz” submitted to the Journal of Reproduction and Infertility, the following points need to be clarified: 1. The research is descriptive-correlational in type and in fact it measures attitude. Most studies are faced with challenges, errors and limitations, and studies related to attitude are no exception. We have tried, in the first place, to report what existed without subjectively affecting the results and tried our best to objectively report the results from a "descriptive research" (Naderi and Seif-naraghi, 1383). In the second step, we utilized a correlational method because we had different categories of information about each group and the research method was chosen according to the instrument. The research tool was a questionnaire and its content validity was determined by five faculty members before conducting the research. The reliability of the questionnaire was done by test-retest analysis and the correlation coefficient was 0. 91. Furthermore, Spearman test was appropriate regarding the number of sample size. As it has been stated that the method has not been clearly described, I would like to humbly accept the comment that it would have been better to fully describe the method but I would like to add that in-depth details are not always stated. Moreover, indirectly acknowledging the clarity of the content validity by the respected reader is another sign that all the usual steps have been taken to reach this validity. 2. The comment of respected reader is partly true about the negative attitude of this group toward oocyte donation or their pessimistic comments in response to other questions that might have influenced the results of the study but they do not necessarily have one to one correspondence. 3. We solely depended on the findings of the study to reach the conclusions but references made to the holy Quran have been in relation to the research and they have not biased the conclusions of the study. The reason for this reference lied in the fact that the research was done in a Shiite Muslim country. 4. We attract the respected reader’s attention to the last paragraph of the Results section in relation to the comparison of attitude of men and women towards donation and the effect of education in this regard. Finally, we thank the respected reader for carefully making the criticisms about the article. Due to the importance of the subject, more precise research in this field and due scientific debate about it seems necessary.



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